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Ccercle N15 edition cover
Iris Alexander Dubai Launch featured in the magazine


The Iris Alexander launch in Dubai was featured in the online edition of Ccercle Magazine.

Ccercle is a unique luxury concept combining a magazine, an online platform and the organization of brands’ events, working with a variety of luxury brands, focusing on craftsmanship, heritage and contemporary design.

Founded by Gabriele Salvadori – his extensive travels,  research in established and emerging consumer markets, backed by a 30 years experience in luxury goods, are what lies behind Ccercle’s foundation.

The fine diamond jewellery brand Iris Alexander launched in Dubai in April with an impressive private lunch event held at the Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach. The elegant reception was hosted at the Jumana Room by public figures Alina Blinova and Farhana Bodi and featured Iris Alexander 2018 Finest Diamond Jewellery Collection: 15 stunning jewellery pieces made of white and yellow diamonds.