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Girls and their toys

Iris Alexander is a European brand that celebrates elegance, sophistication and style, bringing chic but instantly wearable, contemporary fine jewellery to every woman. Iris Alexander is characterised by contemporary renaissance style. The role of women in the renaissance is very important as the focus of the imagery – and indeed the collection – is on the wearer’s
independence, audaciousness, confidence, and playful abandon.

We produce limited number of bespoke jewellery pieces and sell to a selected customer base, who we thrive to have personal relationship with. Trust is vital and a great way to get to know our clients and let them know us are private parties. Private parties give women of today an opportunity to meet and exchange the importance of being independent and free. It is not only to enjoy the exquisite jewellery and know more about the product, but also to learn about diamonds, establish your preferences and expand your network.