jewellery by Iris Alexander


“When a woman first sees one of my pieces of jewellery, I want her to be marvelled." Not just in the way that the enigmatic beauty of a precious stone can captivate, but in a way that tells its own story – one which only a true artisan can achieve in fine jewellery.

She marvels at how she looks and feels wearing one of my pieces. She remembers the occasion and is proud of the moments that have brought her to the day where she could make it her very own. She marvels because she feels she is worthy of it.

Iris Alexander

The idea to venture into jewellery was as much a business decision as it was an affair of the heart. From a business perspective it was simply a matter of natural growth. We were involved in the diamond trade for many years through diamond exploration and mining, trading rough and polished diamonds and financing solutions. Jewellery is only one part of the diamond pipeline and with licenced offices in key locations, coupled with a wealth of diamond expertise, we had all the infrastructure in place to add a jewellery division to our business.

Of course, there is an artistic part to it, an amazing thing to do. Each jewellery piece I make is an incredible journey of beauty, art, creativity and challenge, for both the customer and myself. I thrive to make this journey full of emotion, joy and fulfilment. It is incredibly satisfying.

Being part of a diversified diamond business has a number of benefits. This includes being able to maintain competitive pricing for our state of art limited edition jewellery, without compromising on quality. It allows us to access diamonds at prices much lower than the wholesale market and it reduces pressure on the jewellery unit to generate profit and cash flow that it would otherwise have as a stand alone business.

There is a strong personal, individual aspect to making jewellery. Jewellery is personal as it reflects you, your achievements, beauty and worth. They must suit you, excite and complete you. This ring was always on your finger! You just didn’t see it until now.

The quality of jewellery, both in design and craftsmanship, is paramount. There are many facets in this business but the first and the most important of them will always be creating an amazing jewel which suits you, satisfies you, excites and completes you. My aspiration is to create art and share it with women like myself to make us happy.

Our jewellery is exquisite and luxurious. We use large high-quality investment grade diamonds and invest in elegant and innovative designs. We ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship in setting our jewels and we never compromise on this quality. We aim to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery, works of art, which is also a good investment by holding its value well over time. Timeless beauty and value together.

Iris Alexander’s collections feature exquisite, collectable, one of a kind pieces, conceived with sensitivity to the composition and form of a woman. The essence of femininity is conveyed within each design – varying in its interpretation, yet demonstrating the multi-faceted power and personalities of the women who wear them.

Attributing the ingenuity of high jewellery and its transformative nature, each piece encapsulates the relationship between a woman and the moments in her life; inspiring and creating them - for an occasion and for a lifetime.

An Iris Alexander creation is a true masterpiece. Drawing on the expertise of exceptionally skilled designers and high jewellers. The complexity and flamboyance of each creation is a work of art - worn to adorn.

Opulent design meets a mastered eye for gem selection. Precise attention to intricate stone settings - expertly positioned by hand, with an accuracy achieved only by the world’s best artisans.